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Kim Wiehan
Jan 07, 2024
They have been a great help in IGCSE and AS Level exam prep. The tutors are very good. We have been using Vidyalai for 2 years and we will continue using them until the A2 Level exams are complete.
Dr. Saista Amin
Dec 30, 2024
We are very happy with the system and the excellent teachers. My daughter is doing well with their support.
Chara Dreemurr
Apr 18, 2024
Vidyalai's tutoring for IB is fantastic! The 1-1 tutoring allows me to ask all my doubts freely and the class can always go according to my pace.
Zakhana Shah
Apr 18, 2020
Vidyalai is an effective reasonably priced amazing online learning platform. Teachers are not only thorough in their subjects but polite and sensitive. My son took math tutions and he is very happy with it. Support service is equally good, great going.
Milind P
Apr 18, 2024
We have started vidyalai maths classes for my 10 year old son, as the education system in Europe is bit different and slower than back in India. We were worried about his progress in basic mathematics. Now after 10 classes we are really satisfied with his growth. I would like to appreciate Ms. Pooja for her sincere efforts, She knows better how to engage kids even though they are not in mood to learn sometimes. The only thing I can suggest is it would be better if vidyalai can share some extra practice sheet’s online or some kind of online study material where kids can practice after the classes because here in European schools they don’t provide any books.
Paul Alappat
Mar 15, 2021
I arranged AP Biology online learning class for my daughter with at Vidyalai and I’m extremely satisfied with the experience. The instructor was very knowledgable on the subject and able to explain the concepts clearly. The rates are also affordable. I’m planning to book classes for other subjects as well. Surely recommend Vidyalai to other students looking to ace their grades.
Maya Llangovan
Apr 10, 2021
The teachers are patient and understanding of the children’s needs. Thank you.
Sushama Mishra
May 19, 2022
Vidyalai has teacher's that can teach their subjects really well! Would definitely recommend this site to many parents and students.
Shilpa Kakodkar
Aug 20, 2022
Good service, tutors know what they're talking about. Can be a little difficult to understand if you're used to a more hands-on approach, but generally very worth it.
Sarah Mathew
Nov 17, 2023
For our son Mathew Thomas, Vidyalai was the right help at the right time. Languishing at the bottom during Covid and post Covid online era, the able tutors at Vidyalai lent their helping hands to lift Mathew up to where he rightly belonged. With Vidyalai's thorough and indepth coaching, Mathew could attain a creditable SAT score apart from his excellent performance in the IB Diploma Exam. I strongly recommend Vidyalai to all students who want to bring the best out of themselves.
Ashutosh Prakash Srivastava
Mar 08, 2022
Vidyalai has been helping my son with his preparation for IGCSE O-level examinations.I am quite impressed with their professional approach with a personal touch, customized teaching as per the student's requirements, prompt and timely communications and follow-ups. The teachers are well experienced and knowledgeable with high commitment levels to guide the students as per International standards.
Neelakantan Umesh
Nov 13, 2023
Vidyalai has been a superb learning intervention for my son Krishna. My son feels that he is being recognised for his thoughts and queries. Albeit many challenges, his passion for learning improved by miles and he has been able to integrate his way of work pattern. I would rather say that Vidyalai could address the requirement of my son by respecting his learning rhythm. Further, the officials from Vidyalai has been quick on any queries from our end. Teaching methodology by teachers have been great, systematic, principled, friendly and process oriented. Time table of sessions being provided has been methodical, systematic, flexible and the same has greatly helped my son's quest for better learning.
Varshini Gayathri
Dec 09, 2023
My daughter started with Vidyalai when she started A levels this year. We have had a great experience thus far. The teachers are very professional and knowledgeable. They have been flexible to accommodate the needs and schedules of my daughter. They have been helpful on the phone when we have needed to reshuffle classes. We have been extremely happy with their service.
Apr 18, 2024
Vidyalai is an exceptional learning platform. The teachers are super nice, and patient and they have really helped me improve in my schoolwork and grades. I took maths tuitions with a teacher named Mia and she has taught me more efficient methods which my school hasn't taught me.
Chitra Yalayuri
Jan 02, 2024
Vidyalai is a great platform for students and parents. They have teachers from most curriculums and subjects. They allow flexibility in scheduling so that students can manage their workload and schedules. They provide great customer service and everyone I have interacted are polite and professional.
Huma Jaudat
Jan 05, 2024
Vidyalai offers an exceptional platform for both students helping with providing necessary support to succeed.They have a diverse range of teachers proficient in various curriculums and subjects and with their flexible scheduling options empower students to effectively manage their workload and accommodate their busy schedules. Great service
Luna Mohanty
Jan 10, 2024
Excellent experience. My daughter was taking Sociology as a subject for the first time. Thanks to her teacher she got an A in her AS level exam. The concept clarity that she has got is purely the contribution of her teacher.
Anushka Patra
Feb 05, 2024
At Vidyalaya, the teachers are simply outstanding. They don't just teach; they genuinely care. Whether it's staying late to explain a concept or offering extra help, they're always there for their students. They provide a setting where students are truly supported and encouraged to thrive.
Shamsia Shanid
Mar 10, 2024
I did quite a thorough search(almost every platform in India) to find tutors to guide my lil one while I was in India for my delivery. My key points were subjects, curriculum and pedagogy. And Vidyalai was the only platform which offered them all. Vidyalai did help us find and select the best tutors who could connect with the child while handle the IB curriculum which was the need of the hour. English Language & Arts, Mathematics, Science and French were the subjects for which my son could run a trial or two or in some cases, more, until he struck with a teacher who not only focused on his subjects but in addition also build his confidence and kept him motivated and interested in the subjects with the right pedagogy that worked best for the candidate they had to tutor. The idea behind teaching or imparting knowledge is to develop the skills in a child to independently reason, judge and reflect. Not every teacher we met could keep it interesting for the child but we were glad Vidyalai was patient enough with us and helped achieve what we wanted. They were flexible in situations when we had an emergency. The best part is, they have an amazing and well connected team working behind the scenes to put things together.They even took time to help solve a technical fault on our system. It would be interesting if more subjects are open within their system as I can’t recommend this platform enough for someone looking for a tutor to help boost your child to improve their skills in any subject or even completely help school a child at home. However, it’s virtual, so there are limitations unlike being in a school in person. I’m happy they have introduced monthly reports to parents and take feedbacks from parents with genuine interest. I can only see the platform progressing and tweaking since last year. Screen share of the child’s desktop is something I would recommend for teachers who remotely tutor the kids or else the whiteboard should be as such that upon the usage of another application, it’s notified to the tutor. Just a thought. Good luck! And I hope you guys strive to keep up the good work.
Dec 30, 2023
Vidyalai has been top notch ever since we had approached them to coach my child, Tamanna Grace right from the 9th grade and moving into the IGCSE for Grade X. Unlike other centres, Vidyalai had gone the extra mile to validate the school board, syllabus and most importantly the specific textbook used at school. We were also able to get the same author of one of their science textbooks right at Vidyalai. Tamanna's confidence, conceptual tutoring due to the 1:1 approach and her focus on academics is clearly a sign that Vidyalai's faculty both the tutors and the academic coordinators are a cohesive unit and they work together as a team for the child's progress. I appreciate their concern and support even after the exams to know her performance. I can surely say, Vidyalai will be our One-Stop-Shop when it comes to coaching and creating a progressive and successful academic environment. I appreciate all the tutors who have been instrumental in her academic and personal growth as well - Maheshwari, Jijo, Sandhya and Veena. Thank you and God bless.
Kirubalini Devadhi Naveen Kumar
Mar 18, 2024
Vidyalai is an outstanding platform for students and parents seeking top-tier educational support. With an impressive selection of experienced teachers and unparalleled customer service, they ensure a smooth and efficient learning experience. The flexibility to choose from a diverse pool of teachers tailored to individual needs makes finding the perfect match effortless. Thanks to Vidyalai, my IB tutoring experience has been exceptional, delivering amazing results at every step. I highly recommend Vidyalai for anyone i n need of exceptional educational support.
Kena Nayak
Apr 18, 2024
Vidyalai has helped me a lot when it comes to IB subjects and conceptual understanding. The learning platform has helped immensely, even if the concept taught in school is unclear or never taught before, vidyalai has always been great help no matter the subject or complexity of the topic.
Reshma Basu
Jan 07, 2024
We have been with Vidyalai for over 4yrs. The teachers at Vidyalai are very knowledgeable and helped our children gain a solid foundation. Even during the pandemic they were able to complete quite a few courses. They are punctual, flexible and able to support the US Educational curriculum. A giant thanks to Ms. Monjeera, Mr. Plaban, Mr. Rishi, Mr. Ganguly, Ms. Chandra and Ms. Veena.

Vidyalai is an online tutoring platform with qualified teachers from top universities across the globe. We provide live One-on-One classes, which take place on our online classroom, which has an online video chat and a shared whiteboard. The teacher and the student can interact with each other through the video chat and write on the shared whiteboard

Vidyalai gives you access to the best teachers in the world, without any constraints on geography. Once you request a lesson, we will match you to a highly qualified personal tutor, who will take the first lesson. Once you are satisfied with the first lesson, your dedicated academic counsellor will chart a detailed academic plan, tailormade for you.

We provide classes for high school (IB, IGCSE, India, US, UK and Australian curricula) and college students, for all subjects. The teachers, apart from teaching concepts, will also mentor the students personally in academic and co-curricular spheres.

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