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SAT Score Booster: The Complete Digital SAT Live Prep Course

Dominate the SAT: Proven strategies, elite instruction,laser-focused practice, and unmatched results.

Instructors: Vinayak Vinod, Sweety Samson

Starts on Monday, 5 February 2024

40 live lessons + 4 full practice tests

6 learners per batch

SAT registration and end to end support

In depth strategy sessions

Desmos Mastery




Vinayak Vinod

BS/MS Physics

IIT Madras

8+ years of teaching experience. SAT Math Expert


Sweety Samson

MPhil in Comparative Literature

Trinity College, University of Dublin

Extensive experience in SAT Reading and Writing


  • Support for registration: We'll handle all the tedious tasks associated with registering for the SAT, so you can focus on what's important - acing the test (College Board fees are extra).
  • SAT 101 class: Get a comprehensive overview of the SAT and understand what to expect on test day and enter a preparation mindset.
  • Comprehensive review: Learn battle-tested SAT strategies and tricks to rise above the competition.
  • Foundation lessons: Strengthen basic skills to ensure seamless preparation.
  • Personalized study plans: Cater to your unique needs and weaknesses to optimize review time.
  • Live lessons and doubt-clearing sessions: Master tested skills and become comfortable with the material using official College Board prep materials.
  • Desmos mastery: We've made Desmos, the calculator used in the Digital SAT, available in our classrooms. Plus, we'll provide instruction specifically focused on using Desmos for the Digital SAT.
  • Progress tracking: We'll track your progress throughout the course and identify areas you need to focus on.
  • Familiarization with Bluebook™: Become comfortable with the official Digital SAT testing platform through adaptive practice tests and review sessions.
  • Final review and personal feedback: Fine-tune your preparation in the lead-up to the test.
  • Small class size: With just 6 students, you'll get both individual attention and opportunity for peer learning.


College Board is introducing changes to both the content of the test and how the test is administered in order to better fit the needs of students and educators.

Most notably, the test will transition from being taken with paper and pencil to being administered via a digital assessment platform accessed by computer.

Starting in March 2023, the digital SAT will be administered to all international students (students taking the test outside the United States or its territories).

Starting in Spring 2024, the digital SAT will be taken by all students (both international and within the US)

The Digital SAT test will be shorter, with fewer questions and a shorter timeframe to answer them (approximately 2 hours).

The test will be adaptive, meaning that the difficulty level of the second section in each subject (Reading and Writing, Math) will be determined by performance on the first section.

The Reading and Writing and Language sections will be combined into one Reading and Writing section, which will feature a wider range of genres and levels of text difficulty.

The Digital SAT test will not have a "no calculator" section, and will feature a built-in Desmos graphing calculator. Students can still bring in their own approved calculators if they choose to.

Math questions on the Digital SAT test will be less wordy.

The course consists of an orientation class (SAT 101), foundation lessons and assignments, personalized study plans, live classes based on College Board-recommended prep material, topic practice and doubt clearance sessions, tracking of student progress, three full adaptive practice tests and review sessions, and a final review session and individual feedback.

The course materials include College Board-recommended prep materials, practice tests, and additional resources provided by the course instructors.

The course will be online, through

You should expect to spend a total of approximately 16 hours on the course each week. This includes approximately 8 hours of live lessons and an additional 8 hours of practice and revision. It is important to set aside enough time to fully engage with the course material and stay on track with your progress.

Yes, the course includes multiple practice tests and review sessions. They will be conducted on the official Digital SAT testing platform - Bluebook- so that you will be familiar with the format and content of the actual test.

Individual one on one tutoring is not included in the course. Individual feedback will be provided in writing. If you have specific questions or concerns about your progress in the course, you may reach out to the instructors or staff for additional support

After the review of each topic is completed, your instructors will ask you to practice or complete specific assignments and scores will be recorded. In addition, your scores in the pre-course assessment test as well as the full practice tests will be tracked and analyzed.

Yes. We will collect all the required information and register you for SAT. While we do not charge anything for this service, you will have to pay the official fees charged by College Board.

The full fee for the course is INR 53,000. An early bird offer is available for students who pay the full course fee before 13 March. The early bird price is INR 39,900.

If you want to try the course before committing, you can register by paying a registration fee of INR 1,000. The remaining payment of Rs 52,000 will be due along with the pre course assessment test.

You cannot. However, a recording of the lesson will be provided, which you can watch at your convenience to catch up on the material covered in the class.

Of-course! We have designed this course specifically for the new Digital SAT format. The syllabus and practice materials are tailored for the new Digital SAT. You will be familiarized with the new College Board testing platform, Bluebook, as well as the new format of the test.

Definitely. The Digital SAT pattern will remain in the same in the immediate future for international students. Also, US SAT will also shift to the Digital SAT format from 2024 onwards. As the saying goes, "If you want to succeed, you have to start preparing for it yesterday."

This course is designed specifically for SAT. The syllabus of ACT covers the SAT syllabus, in addition to a Science section and some extra topics in Mathematics. This course does not cover those.

However, attending this course will help you in tackling the sections which are common for SAT and ACT - "English, Mathematics and Reading". It would be more beneficial for you to attend our ACT specific course, which will be launched soon. You can reserve your seat for free early by filling this form to get the discounted price.

The ACT test has a wider scope than the SAT and includes four sections - English, Mathematics, Reading, Science and an optional Writing section. This course content covers three out of the four core sections of the ACT: English, Mathematics, and Reading. However, it should be noted that the Mathematics section of the ACT includes some topics that are not covered in the SAT. Therefore, if you are planning to take the ACT, it may be more beneficial for you to enroll in our ACT-specific course rather than this SAT course.

Certainly. This course is designed to improve your reading, writing, and math skills, which can be beneficial regardless of whether you have immediate plans to apply to college. These skills can be useful in various aspects of life, and having a strong foundation in them can be helpful in the future. Even if you don't have plans to take the Digital SAT or apply to college at the moment, taking the course and working on improving these skills can still be a valuable investment in your personal and professional development. Besides, if you decide to change your mind later, this course will be super helpful when you take SAT or ACT in the future.

You can get in touch with the course instructors or staff is through the website chat feature. Simply visit Vidyalai website and click the chat button where you can send a message to the instructors or staff. They will respond to your message and help you with any questions or concerns you have.

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