For the May 2023 IB DP Exam

The Art of Analysis: IB Lang Lit Exam Prep Live Course

A preparatory course that focuses on revision, practice, and the development of analysis and essay writing skills for IB DP Language A: Language and Literature.

Instructors: Sweety Samson

Starts on 20 March, 2023

30 hours of Live Lessons

Flash Cards and Memory Aids

Personalised Feedback

Textual Analysis Methodology

Essay Structuring and Academic Writing

Literary Comparison and Criticism

10 learners per batch



Sweety Samson

Accredited Language Teacher

Six years of experience in Cambridge and IB curriculums

MPhil in Comparative Literature from Trinity College, University of Dublin

About the course

Unlock your full potential with The Art of Analysis Course, the ultimate preparation for the main Paper 1 and Paper 2 External Assessments. Whether you are an SL or HL student, this comprehensive course is tailored to help you develop essential critical thinking and essay writing skills to excel in your exams.

With two separate skill-building Core Courses, you'll learn to produce written essays that are structured, efficient, and filled with commendable analysis. With our expert guidance, you'll learn how to structure your theoretical knowledge with insightful analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Wave goodbye to unpredictable text types and essay questions, and say hello to a 7 in English. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your English grades to the next level!

Course Structure

You have the option to register for either Paper 1 or Paper 2, or both, as they are independent sub-courses.

Reading Between the Lines: Textual Analysis for Paper 1

15 Hours


  • 3 hours per week
    • Mondays: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
    • Wednesdays: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

What you'll learn:

  • Thorough literal understanding of 15+ text types
  • Analysis skills for textual features and authorial choices
  • Concluding evaluatively on how texts shape meaning
  • Structuring strong essays
  • Appropriate language skills for academic writing

Next Intake/ Batch:

March 20, 2023, Monday

Exploring Intertextuality: Literary Comparison for Paper 2

15 Hours


  • 3 hours per week
    • Saturdays: 11 AM - 1 PM
  • 1 focused lesson for each Course Book

    What you'll learn:

    • In-depth knowledge of chosen Course Books
    • Common exam themes & questions
    • Open-book comparisons of similarities and differences
    • Analyzing style, techniques and choices for meaning
    • Writing academically with persuasive intention

    Next Intake/ Batch:

    March 25, 2023, Saturday


    • Paper 1 Question Bank: Gauge the difficulty levels of unseen texts by accessing Paper 1 past papers, both new and old.
    • Practice Questions: Stock up on practice questions and attempt essays on the latest topics for Paper 1.
    • Paper 2 Question Bank: Access category-based question banks and past papers for Paper 2 exams.
    • Applicable Theory for Language: Learn how language is used in all the things we read, and impress the examiner with your mastery of language and rhetoric.
    • Revision Strategies: Gain an insight into what examiners are looking for while correcting your essays.
    • PEEL and PETER familiarization: You will learn how to write the two recommended paragraph types for the IB Diploma - PEEL paragraphs, and PETER paragraphs, in order to write stellar academic essays.
    • Graded Sample Essays: Gain an objective understanding of how papers are marked by examiners for Paper 1 and Paper 2.
    • Flashcards for each Text Type: Get flash cards for each text type in Paper 1, so you can revise like a pro for your main exams.
    • Personalized Instructor Review: Receive personalized written feedback and suggestions for your assignments, in addition to the doubt clearing and revision sessions.
    • Comparison Tables for Course Book Combinations: Know exactly how to successfully compare the two books you choose, by the time you finish the course.

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    The Reading Between the Lines: Textual Analysis for Paper 1 Core Course is structured with sixteen Theory lessons to provide an in-depth understanding of different text types and analysis skills for the Paper 1 exam. There are also four Doubt Clearance sessions that take place each Thursday evening, which provide an opportunity for feedback and suggestions from the instructor, as well as for discussions on essay submissions and general theory.

    The Exploring Intertextuality: Literary Comparison for Paper 2 Core Course is structured to provide strategies for writing high-quality comparative essays for Paper 2, and for honing comparison skills. The module is four weeks long and includes five General Theory lessons, three Doubt Clearance sessions for essay feedback and insight from literary discussion, as well as four Course Book Lessons which provide plot details, quotations, thematic roadmaps and further classroom notes for the chosen course books, with two in-depth lessons per Course Book. The General Theory and Doubt Clearance sessions take place each Saturday.

    The Paper 1 Course is conducted over a period of five weeks, while the Paper 2 Course is conducted over a period of four weeks. Both modules take place simultaneously, so the full course will be over in 5 weeks from the starting date.

    The Art of Analysis Course is built from specific IB student requirements we have gotten over the years, and from the struggles our IB students face as they prep for Language A: Language and Literature. This student-centered approach aims to solve any roadblocks for scoring a solid 7 for your main May examinations.

    The only differences between SL and HL lie within the duration of exams, and the number of questions attempted. Essential theory, language, analysis and essay writing skills remain the same. So both SL and HL students can confidently sign up for the same course to boost their English grades.

    The Reading Between the Lines: Textual Analysis for Paper 1 Course is going to explore all text types, authorial choices and techniques, and reader responses. The instructor will guide you through each aspect of writing a good introduction, holistic PEEL paragraphs, and a strong conclusion, for Paper 1 essay writing.

    The Exploring Intertextuality: Literary Comparison for Paper 2 Course focuses on how to compare the Course Books - the stories and poems - you pick for your Paper 2 exam. You will get notes on all plot points and important theoretical aspects of your Course Books. It will also combine and integrate the two texts you study, so you gain excellent comparative skills for Paper 2 essays.

    Yes, students can pick more than two Course Books for the Paper 2 course, as IB recommends picking three Course Books while preparing for the Paper 2 exam. If three course books are chosen, students will attend six Course Book lessons in total, instead of four.

    The essay writing skills you gain from the Paper 1 and Paper 2 courses are going to help you write logical, well-presented responses for any of your other IB subjects. These writing and presentation skills will benefit you in university as well.

    The instructor is a TEFL accredited language teacher with six years of solid teaching experience, working with young adults enrolled in Cambridge and IB curriculums, and holds an MPhil in Comparative Literature from Trinity College Dublin.

    You will get detailed written feedback and suggestions from the Instructor for each of your essays. Live feedback with further suggestions and proven methods for improvement is available during the Doubt Clearance lessons.

    For Paper 2, you will get personalized notes on the respective Course Books you choose. You will also get the instructor's written guidance while learning to compare the books you choose, in addition to feedback on each essay you write.

    There is no ideal time since your personal preparation can start at any point within the academic year. However, the highest student intake is usually for the main May examinations each year.

    If a live lesson is missed, you will gain end-of-lesson PDFs, as well as notes, samples or flash cards distributed during the lesson to catch up. Additionally, you can access the Whiteboard and Word Page. However, you cannot attend the lesson in real-time again, unless you specifically enroll for that class in the next batch/intake.

    At the start of the course, you will be required to submit an essay, which will be the diagnostic assessment to chart your current level of understanding. Throughout the course, students will submit Paper 1 and 2 essays that will be graded by the instructor, and receive personalized feedback through marked corrections. This will help you track your progress and improvement throughout the course.

    You can expect a distinct improvement in all four Criteria of your Language A Course. This translates to a marked improvement in:

    your knowledge, understanding, analysis and evaluation of literature,

    your structural, presentation and language-related skills.

    Yes! At the end of the course, you will get further prep notes that include samples, practice questions, additional resources, flash cards and revision notes tailored to the specific classroom content covered during the course.

    You can get in touch with the course instructor or staff through the website chat feature. Simply visit the Vidyalai website and click the chat button where you can send a message to the instructor or staff. They will respond to your message and help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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