Difference Between Cambridge O Level and Cambridge IGCSE

Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O Level are equivalent qualifications provided by the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). Given below is the comparison between these qualifications:

Features of Cambridge IGCSE


• Cambridge IGCSE is targeted at students who possess a wider range of abilities. The students are awarded grades from A* (highest) to G (lowest). There is also a core and extended curriculum with grades ranging from C to G and A* to C respectively.

• Cambridge IGCSE uses a wider variety of tools of assessment with the aim to test knowledge and understanding, practical, theoretical and oral skills, initiative and problem-solving and application of skills.

• There is an option of course work is provided in many syllabuses which afford the schools an element of personal choice, hence giving teachers the chance to actively involve in the process of assessment.

• Cambridge IGCSE focuses on preparing students for the journey to higher studies and employment.

• They also lay the foundation for students who want to take up Cambridge International AS & A Levels.

• Learners are rewarded for positive achievement (what they know, understand, and can do).

Features of Cambridge O Levels


Cambridge O Level shares some of the features of Cambridge IGCSE, but the following differences are be noted-

• Cambridge O Level can achieve grade sonly between A* to E, with A* being the highest grade scorable.

• Cambridge O Level offers lesser options in terms of coursework when compared to Cambridge IGCSE.

• Certain Cambridge O Level syllabuses were developed while keeping in mind specific local needs, one such example being minority languages.

• Cambridge O Level languages focuses more on writing and reading skills

• The practical test options in Cambridge O Levels Sciences are more restricted. These constraints are beneficial to some schools which face limitation of resources.

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Difference Between Cambridge O Level and Cambridge IGCSE
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