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Why Study Psychology?

Psychology is the study of the science of mind and behavior. It studies the conscious and unconscious phenomena, along with feelings, emotions and thoughts. Psychology as an academic discipline has immense scope in terms of growth and research. Whichever direction you might want your career to move towards, a background in psychology enhances your employability.

Psychology is considered to be a reletively new social science, with noteworthy advances being made only over the past 150 years or so. However, its origins can be traced back to ancient Greece, 400 – 500 years BC.

The number of students opting to take up psychology as a subject in school has been on the rise over the past few years.There are several reasons to study psychology.


Studying psychology helps you understand how the human mind works, and in turn understand yourself better. As you study different approaches to personality, factor that effect behaviour, etc, you are question own life and view the lives and opinions of the people around you in different light.

Psychology more often than not is complementary to other courses. Many courses in the streams arts and social science, business, research, etc benefit from an understanding of human behaviour. It can be in th form of social interaction, different types of communication, human emotions and reasons of motivation, or the general though process. Knowledge about brain function and behaviour is benefitial to students studying other science degrees.

Studying psychology helps develop sound analytical skills through the application of different scientific methodologies. Psychology is a science and the defining feature of any science is the objective approach that is used to increase knowledge and information in a certain field. In psychology scientific approaches are used to learn about behaviour and mental life and health. Psychology provides training in analytic thinking and scientific research methods that are applicable to a broad range of sciences and careers.


Being a Psychologist opens up multiple avenues of careers within the feild of psychology such as clinical, counseling, legal, organisational, educational and research settings in both the private and public sector. The basic training and knowledge required to work as a psychologist is provided during the undergraduate degree in psychology after which the student can choose to specialise in whatever field they would like to persue.

Psychologists have employment oppotunities across several industries such as Health Care and Social Assistance; Public Administration and Safety; Education and Training; etc. This mix of different industries is highly favourable for employment growth prospects. This ensures that Psychologists more often than not have the luxury of always being in demand in the job market and are very rarely unemployed.

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Why Study Psychology?
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