How To Write A News Report - IGCSE English

One of the simplest and most detailed aspects of your Paper 2 exam is news reports. They should be detailed. So, you may need to use up a large portion of your ink to get this right!

It is important to plan ahead, what you want to compose. This makes it easier to present the facts in a coherent way. As a result, you will obtain more marks.

What is a Newspaper report?

Newspapers are read by people who want information about something that has happened. They want reports quickly so reports have to be easy to read and have a snappy presentation style. They tell readers about events that have been happening in their local area, or national or international news.

How to write a Newspaper report

  1. You will be given a question and two or three bullet points. The bullet points are the main points of your report so try to focus on them.

  2. You would have to create a headline that captures the essence of the event. It should excite the reader's curiosity. Exaggeration is effective in this case.

Let’s take a look an example of a catchy headline:

Where you have to write a newspaper report about any sport event that took place in your school. Give a headline like Wild Cricket Match or Historical Cricket Match or Omegas Won the Cup After 23 years ans so on. This automatically creates a feeling of excitement in the mind of the reader.

  1. Add the byline after the headline, byline consists of the name of the reporter who is reporting the event.

  2. The place should be written just before the content. This is the reporter’s current location.

Example- New Delhi: (your content)

  1. After completing the initial points comes the content of your newspaper report. The first paragraph should contain the 5W’s and 1H- What, Where, When, Why, Who and How. What was the event that took place, when did it happen, where did it take place, why did it happen and how did it occur.

Example on how to plan your first paragraph:

What - A cricket tournament
When - On the nineteenth of March 2021
Where - Omega International School, Chennai
Who - Team Blue won
Why - Annual Sports Event
How - By defeating team Team Yellow

  1. The second paragraph should contain the testimonies of people who are related to the event at hand. If you want to include what people said make sure it is in direct speech (inverted commas) or indirect speech (no inverted comma).

Example on how to plan your second paragraph:

Reporting in direct speech:
“It was a tough match against the yellow team, but we won. I can't express how I feel. Thank you all for supporting us.” said the Blue team captain.

Reporting in indirect speech:
The Blue team captain said that the match was tough and the team deserved the win, he also said that they worked really hard for the same.

  1. In the third paragraph briefly talk about what will happen in the future concerning the story. This is to develop an interest in the mind of the reader.

Example on how to plan your third paragraph:

  • When will the next tournament be held
  • How will the team members be rewarded.

"The winners of team blue received a cash prize of 1000 rupees. The authorities informed the next tournament will be conducted on the same date next year."

  1. Another pointer, use past tense at all times, since the reporter mentions an event which already took place.

Example of Newspaper Report:

Q) Write a newspaper report for your local newspaper based on one of the following events:
a) Volleyball
b) Cricket tournament
c) Football league

Wild Cricket Match

-(Your name)
(Location): On the 18th of March 2021, A cricket tournament was organized in Omega School, Chennai. The tournament was organized by the school authorities as part of their annual sports event. There were four teams: Red, blue, yellow and green. The blue team won the match defeating the yellow team in the finals.

The first match was between red and blue teams. Team blue quickly eliminated team red in an hour. In the second round, it was team yellow against green. Team yellow eliminated team green also in about an hour. In the final round, team blue versus team yellow. After two hours, team blue eliminated team yellow and won the tournament. After the tournament, team blue's captain said, "It was a tough match against the yellow team, but we won. I can't express how I feel. Thank you all for supporting us."

The winners of team blue received a cash prize of 1000 rupees. The authorities informed the next tournament will be conducted on the same date next year. In the next tournament, there will be an addition of three teams: Orange, pink and purple. "The stadium will be much bigger than this, for the next tournament," informed the authorities.

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How To Write A News Report - IGCSE English
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