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How to get good grades?

Everyone wants good grades or at least want to improve on their current grades. Here are five ways you can bring up your grades.

1. Attendance is must

There are always excuses one can come up with in order to avoid going to classes but attendance is very important for multiple reasons. Being in class helps you absorb the material taught in the class. Actively listening in class helps you pick up the concepts in a much easier manner. Your participation in class will be noticed by your teachers and will help you form a mentoring relationship with them which is very beneficial in the long run. Often teachers have marks for class participation which will help when it comes down to moving from one grade bracket to the next. Teachers also at times do gave marks for high level of attendance.

2. Understanding the expectations

Every teacher has a different method of taking their class and grading papers. Understanding what they expect from students is a form of cheat sheet that will help you make a game plan on how to tackle the class. Keeping track of all the deadlines will help you plan out your submissions in a timely manner. Talking to your teachers in case of issues will result in you getting the help you need.

3. Take active notes

Taking down the notes of the class recording is very important. These notes will contain important clues such as key words and details which might not be mentioned in the textbook. These can be used while writing assignments or exams which might help you score extra marks.

4. Study

Studying at the end of the day is what will get you good grades without fail. Studying early and often while breaking it into smaller parts will make it seem less like an unpleasant task. Understand your style of studying and create a study schedule depending on it. Go thru all assigned material, including the opening vignettes, the case studies, and tables and exhibits. At the same time, understand what are the key points of the text.

5. Smart test taking

As majority of the time exam marks make up most of your final grade, it is important to be a smart test taker. Get previous years question papers and work on them. This will give you a fair idea of what will be covered in the exam. Plan your answers according to the type of questions and the marks and importance it carries. Pace yourself and try to answer the important and well known questions first.

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How to get good grades?
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