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Guide For MYP E-Assessments

What is an e-assessment?

E- assessments are optional on-screen examinations conducted by the IB for students in MYP year 5 (grade 10). The duration of the e-assessment is 2 hours. It is an external verification of student achievement. Unlike conventional examinations, on-screen examinations allow the IB to assess the full range of MYP teaching and learning outcomes; knowledge and understanding, conceptual understanding and communication skills. Examination questions are open and they assess deep understanding. The examinations include the use of multimedia (interactive text, images, video, animations) to engage students in realistic scenarios and interactive tools to allow students to make predictions, take measurements and to problem solve (Myp e-assessment Award).

For more information on how the MYP e-assessments work. Please click, the IB’s MYP eAssessment wins international award.

Why opt for an e-assessment?

On-screen examinations are unique because they seek to enhance the validity of assessment rather than targeting gains in cost or ease of marking. MYP eAssessment has been developed for students and schools that need external verification of student achievement at age 16. The new assessment model strengthens the continuum and offers students formal, recognized qualifications. However, it is not compulsory for schools to enter their students for all of the eAssessments (MYP eAssessment Q&A Sheet – The Why).

For more information on why MYP e-assessments are the preferred. Please click, MYP eAssessment Q&A Sheet - The Why.

How are e-assessments conducted?

The assessments follow a standard structure that provides a clear framework for authoring each examination. As part of an ethical assessment model, these assessment blueprints ensure consistency and transparency, and they guarantee a balanced approach to measuring students’ achievement with respect to MYP objectives. MYP onscreen assessment blueprints document the close connection of large-scale assessment with subject-group objectives, classroom learning engagements and the programme’s rigorous internal assessment requirements. These blueprints enable teachers and students to review the nature and purpose of MYP eAssessment and they will be released 6 weeks prior to the examination. They provide an important resource for helping students to prepare for onscreen examinations, focusing attention on subject-group criteria and assessment strategies in each subject group (guide to e-assessment).

Please see the guide to e-assessment, 2015 for more information on topic lists and preparation.This guide was released in 2015. To learn more about the revised on-screen examination standards, watch the video demonstration , which shows how e-assessments work and how they benefit classroom teaching and learning.

Subject Brief & Video Demonstrations:

Subject briefs cover core course descriptions, aim, curriculum, assessment and MYP e-assessment information for Individuals and societies.
Video demonstration gives an overview of how the e-assessments look and how they benefit classroom teaching and learning. The following are subject briefs and video demonstrations for each subject.

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Guide For MYP E-Assessments
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