5 Inspiring Female Writers of the 21st Century

What makes a writer phenomenal? Is it their glorious works or the involuntary identity of sex that was bestowed upon birth? Oftentimes with much despair, I have to admit it's the latter that makes you a phenomenal writer. Yes, it sounds ludicrous yet remains true. Such is the plight of being born a female.

Yet there are several female authors who forged their way into the realm of men, claiming a colossal feat in their endeavour. They produced masterpieces one after the other, making it impossible for the world to neglect them. The literary world is deficient in their absence. Here I have compiled some of my inspiring, influential, and powerful female writers of the 21st century.

Students from all over the world, no matter their boards, should dip their quill into the inkpot of change and wisdom through the writings of the below-listed writers.

1. Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy was born in Assam, India she is an architect, author, human rights activist, and environmentalist. She is best known for her world-famous novel The God of Small Things, which won the Man Booker Prize in 1997. I came across her writing as part of my bachelor’s degree, I was skeptical about the book towards the initial stages. But as I went on from one page to another it interested me. How can a person write so personally yet remain private, the words flowing in the natural order, her characters so complex from each other they are no less than living souls? Her story is a beautiful amalgamation of a casteist, communist and prejudiced Kerala.

It is beyond my imagination to comprehend how a person’s first book can be a marvelous piece of literature. As the title suggests, it’s the small things in life that create tremendous differences. It will be a great loss to miss out on this gem.

2. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was born in Enugu, Nigeria she is a novelist, short story writer, and feminist. She is known for her many works such as Americanah, We Should All Be Feminists, Purple Hibiscus, etc. Dear Ijeawele or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions was the first work of Adichie's that I came across, and for me, it was the ultimate manifesto for everyone. It has all of the elements I was looking for in a novel. It was like a piñata full of surprises, encapsulating the core of feminism in a new light.

The book was written in a logical fashion that allowed anyone to grasp the topics with ease. It attempted to dispel the stigma associated with the term "feminism". And demonstrate each perception with simple yet compelling examples. Lastly, the epistolary nature of the text contributes to its allure.

3. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni was born in Kolkata, India she is a professor, author, and poet. She is best known for her works like The Palace of Illusions, The Mistress of Spices, The Forest of Enchantments, and many more. Her fame grew to the point where one of her books was made into a film. She is a well-accomplished writer.

I absolutely fell in love with her book The Palace of Illusions. This is a brilliant retelling of the Hindu legend of Mahabharata from the point of view of Draupadi.

Often, historical books, epics, and legends are authored by men, and the narratives are told from a male perspective; they detail the difficulties and tribulations of men while ignoring the perspective of women. Divakaruni, on the other hand, bridged this vast chasm in her work, masterfully depicting the epic's "her side." It is a powerful piece that should not be overlooked. I call this a must in your syllabus and bookshelves.

4. Joanne Rowling (J. K Rowling)

Joanne Rowling or famously known by her pen name J. K Rowling was born in Yate, England. She’s an author, screenwriter, film producer, and philanthropist. Her work on the Harry Potter fantasy series has earned her international acclaim. All of her books have been made into films, thanks to the tremendous success of the Harry Potter fantasy series. Both the novels and the movies have a substantial fan base.

Despite the fact that I was a little late to the Harry Potter fan club, I quickly fell in love with her works. The vision had a beautiful draught, but it was the description that moved my senses. Her descriptions painted a crystal clear image of the utopian world for the audience. This, I believe, was the factor that enabled her to cross the 9 ¾ platforms and embark on an extraordinary adventure. Her storytelling style is so flawless that many followers around the world feel they will receive the letter to Hogwarts at any time.

5. Margaret Eleanor Atwood

She was born in Ontario, Canada she is a novelist, literary critic, poet, and teacher. Atwood has won numerous awards including The Booker Prize (twice), Franz Kafka Prize, and so on. Some of her best works are The Handmaid's Tales, Alias Grace, The Testaments, etc. Most of her works are adapted for film and television series, both the books and the digital adaptations have a separate and large fanbase.

Her work has been described as futuristic, and her stories as future testimony. With her creative use of words, she shakes people to their core. Many people are unable to sleep after reading her work. Her stories aren't meant to be read; rather, they want to be heard, as some say. I haven't had the opportunity to read her work yet, but I've been following her for a while and can't wait to start my mysterious adventure.

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5 Inspiring Female Writers of the 21st Century
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